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Date: 15.02.2017
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The PATA Annual Summit 2017 brings together thought leaders and industry professionals from around the world under the theme ‘Disruption. Innovation. Transformation: The Future of Tourism’. The 4-day event includes a one-day conference and embraces the PATA Annual General Meeting, the PATA Youth Symposium and the UNWTO/PATA Ministerial Debate.
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Special Feature (The Core of Agri-tourism)
Meetings Point (Amman)
In Conversation with (Hilmar Guckert)
Destination Diary (Kuwait)
Center of Attraction (Düsseldorf)
Spotlight on (Hong Kong)
Cover Story (China)
Tech Talk (Travel apps for easy travel)

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Meetings Point (Zurich)
Xclusive (Sustainable tourism)
Destination Diary (Ljubljana)
Face to Face (Travello)
Destination Diary (Nantes)
Cover Story (Shared Economy)
Special Feature (Travel spending trend for Americans)
Destination Diary (Park City in Utah)
Cover Story (Tourism in Cuba after Castro’s death)
Meetings Point (Philadelphia)
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